Ship Chartering : We are active in sourching ship for either export/import from/to Indonesia port for Bulk/bags cargo, Liquids cargoes, Steel Product, Fertilizers, Plywood, Cement, Clinkers, Indonesia Steam Coal, Paper, Gypsum, Palm Kernel/Shell, Copra Expeller, Cocoa, Palm Oils, Crude Palm Oil, Etc.

Ship Brokerage : We are highly committed and currently provide independent brokering services; which includes open tonnage and cargo offers for shipowners, charterers, and brokers alike. We possess the required expertise in chartering suitable ships for nominated cargoes worldwide and vice versa.

Our chartering department is responsible for:

* Marketing the Group's bulk carrier fleet

* Securing cargoes for the open vessels as well as long terms contracts of a freight orders and time charter in vessels for long or short time charter period if the freight market creates opportunities.

In addition this department is involved in other commercial activities including hedging and trading in derivatives and other financial instruments.

Please propose your inquiry to our chartering Dept

Headquarters office:

"Universal Shipping Company " - Indonesia.
TELP:  +62 35 3772 1400
FAX   :  +62 35 3772 4488

E-mail:  (Chartering Team)

E-mail: (Chartering & Shipbrokering)

Mob/Cell: +62 81 949748444

Since the establishment of the Group's shipping arm in the late 80's and with an approximate 90 charters per annum since1995 the wealth of experience of this department is unquantifiable. Because of this large turnover and the diversity of the fleet the chartering dept of PT Unishipco Indonesia is in constant contact obtaining market information from nearly 100 brokers based in SINGAPORE, VIETNAM, HONGKONG, JAPAN, GREECE, KOREA, AND CHINA.

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